Pioneer kothala株式会社盛光It is.
Our company is pioneer kothala products raw materials imported from Sri Lanka after manufacturing in the country.
Quality natural materials to create products that keep Unleavened extra ingredients as much as possible. Furthermore, cooperation on evidence based on patents (5), getting trademarks 1.
Raw stem and leaf characteristics because of differences manufacture health foods, cosmetics and food, respectively.
We point out that relatively soon and try it, you can feel the effects. Including the strong relationship between gut environmental improvements to the workings of the brain and immune function and reduce the absorption of sugars and lipids and oxidation effect on the flagship high-performance products, are very popular in the anti-aging market.
We are self-employed kothala King salacia plants of that belief.


Together with industry partners, using raw materials imported directly from Sri Lanka, as circumstances in different industries Exchange meeting President get information introduced by the Government, the successful commercialization of the supplements.
The development of cosmetics and food, current item number is 12.
Currently in preparation of functional display, also are planning future collaboration with food and suites of products.

 Types of products

 And kothala (salacia)?

In Sri Lanka, this plant is "kothala is referred to as ("God's grace"in Sinhala), Sri Lanka Government takes export control measures for the purposes of prevention of overfishing and the Nature Conservancy has been working to protect and nurture.
Kothala has recently become to a certain number of allowed exports by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Salacia spp. plants of many species. Considering the level, such as the composition of species are often introduced as an herb of India and similar, but not necessarily as "kothala" from Sri Lanka, is not.
Expresses the view that Sri Lanka Ayurveda Research Institute said Sri Lanka kothala is originally similar which includes after the separation of the India subcontinent and Ceylon during the thousands of years from differences in Habitat Habitat and soil conditions, distinctive character to indicate a change.

As the best herbal supplement for Japanese food in Japan for the first time by our product we are.
Japan, Sri Lanka of salacia (reticulata) called Kotla kothala, kotarahinbutu, Kota Rahim and specially.
We are self-employed kothala King salacia plants of that belief.