Salacia plant King kothala pioneer,株式会社盛光Is.
We are self-employed kothala King salacia plants of that belief.
We are a pioneer company with a track record of 18 years of manufacturing and selling Kotarahimbutu products imported from Sri Lanka in Japan. In addition, we understand the differences in the characteristics of the trunk and leaves of raw materials, and manufacture health foods, cosmetics, and foods that take advantage of these characteristics.
Quality natural materials to manufacture products that provide Unleavened extra ingredients as much as possible. Also has product development based on the evidence obtained from the academia, 5 patents and has obtained trademarks 1.
We point out that relatively soon and try it, you can feel the effects. Including the strong relationship between gut environmental improvements to the workings of the brain and immune function and reduce the absorption of sugars and lipids and oxidation effect on the flagship high-performance products, are very popular in the anti-aging market.
It is our hope awarded feel the splendor of our products to more and more people.

The obese population does not decrease,”Corona Fat”increase

2021June 3, 2008
■止まらぬメタボ人口 コロナで肥満化
厚生労働省の最新の発表では、メタボリックシンドローム該当者・予備軍はここ5年でさらに増加し1,412万人になったことが分かった。また肥満についても、体格指数BMIが25以上の割合が男性で33%、女性で23.3%に上がり、日本人の3人に1人超が該当する結果に。肥満体国に歯止めがかからない状況になっいている。肥満化が進む日本だが、追い打ちをかけているのが新型コロナウィルスの感染拡大。世界中を巻き込んだコロナパンデミックは1年以上経過した今も収束のめどが立たない状況。感染拡大防止を外出自粛により、活動機会が大幅に消失し、国民全体の運動不足を招いている。巣ごもりによる食べすぎや飲酒量の増加も問題視されており、『コロナ太り』は社会問題になりつつある。【2021.6.2 健康産業新聞より抜粋】
※腸内環境の改善には、ぜひ『コタラヒムブツ』を ! !